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Shirakura is now available in the USA!  We are proud to bring these high quality products into the USA once again!  Now there's no need to settle for imitations or low quality products for your delicate shrimp!  Look forward to seeing these wonderful products in a store near you!

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Takayuki Shirakura is an expert shrimp breeder in Japan, and his shrimp and products are well known throughout the world.  For years his shrimp have been popular at auctions in Japan, commanding high prices.  His shrimp are not only beautiful, but they are healthy and verile as well.  The popularity of Shirakura's shrimp have gained him noteriety and have made his name synonymous with Red Bee Shrimp.

During his breeding endeavors, he was able to develop a line of foods and additives which together create an enviroment in which Red Bee Shrimp flourish and are able to display their most amazing colors and health.


Shirakura products are all manufactured in Japan, using the highest quality ingredients.  Mr. Shirakura guarantees the quality of every product sold will stand up to the highest standards.  Now, you too, can use the knowledge and experience Mr. Shirakura has put into his products in your own aquarium!